Gong Cha



I used to be find “bubble milk teas” a novelty but over time they seemed to have lost their pizzazz and as one friend put it most places are now using artificial ingredients when it comes to flavoring and who knows maybe even the tea is artificial.

The tea you see in the picture is a “Gong cha green milk tea with pearls” for P95 ( as of 01/22/13). I consider this a luxury item since we are hitting starbucks levels.

However, I must say I enjoyed. The taste seemed “real” and would be willing to try a different flavor when the opportunity presents itself. 

At first I thought that the stall in SM was being ignored, but while I was studying the menu patrons came buy and bought the “Gong cha winter melon milk tea with pearls” which I am told is a popular choice by the cashier. Before one person ordered she even told her friends that “lami ni.”

So if your into trying something different or haven’t had a milk tea in w while give this place a try.



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